Is BJJ Useful In Self-defense?

The sad reality of life is that we are all susceptible to danger. This is especially true if you live in a state where violence and crime rates are high. How are you going to protect yourself when you are faced with imminent danger? Surely you don’t want to bring a loaded gun wherever you go. The good news is that you can learn how to do self-defense by enrolling in a jiu jitsu class. You can check out this website to learn all about their trainings.

Trust us, you’ll be glad you invested time and effort in learning jiu jitsu. If you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you don’t know how to defend yourself, what do you think is going to happen? Even if you only have your backpack with you, you can evade danger through martial arts. If you are at the brink of an attack you’ll be able to save yourself if you know how to engage in combat. Even if you’re not a troublemaker, trouble can find its way to you. Your best defense is to be prepared 24/7. When you know how to use jiu jitsu you can be confident knowing that you are capable of defending yourself when you are faced with a threatening situation.

BJJ or better known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial art that involves ground fighting and wrestling. BJJ will teach you skills that will allow you to take control over your opponent and compel him or her into submission. It’s coined as gentle art because it allows the weak and the vulnerable to defend himself or herself against a bigger and stronger adversary. It uses submissions like chokes and locks to win against an opponent. Therefore, it’s actually wrong to think that just because you’re a woman or because you have a small body frame you won’t stand a chance against your opponent in combat. When you are trained well and if you’ve successfully mastered the techniques and strategies taught in your jiu jitsu classes you’ll have the upper hand no matter where you are or who you’re up against.

Over the years, jiu jitsu’s popularity continues to soar and it’s mostly because more and more people are becoming fascinated with MMA. As a matter of fact, the jargon used in jiu jitsu has now become the lingo of non-practitioners. In jiu jitsu, you will be taught how to take your adversary to the ground and incapacitate them and force them into submission.

The good news is that everyone is welcome to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, as long as you are interested, you can participate in jiu jitsu classes. Yes, even children can learn how to do it. Learning jiu jitsu is beneficial if you have children and if bullying is rampant in their school. The amazing thing about jiu jitsu is that it’s made to help weak, small and vulnerable people and teaching them how to overpower strong opponents.

Aside from sharpening your grappling and wrestling skills, jiu jitsu also helps improve your mind. As a matter of fact, it’s called the “game of human chess” because it makes use of a combination of techniques and strategies to win the fight. The basic concepts remain the same but remember, not every situation is similar so you need to figure out what moves to employ in order to win the fight.

It’s also an excellent form of exercise. You wouldn’t believe how many calories you’ll burn while you’re in jiu jitsu class.


If you want to be a good fighter, if you want to lose weight or if you want to learn how to be a better fighter, you’re free to give jiu jitsu a try.

Health—Illness to Wellness

There is an old adage” Health is Wealth”. What was said many years ago still stand true? Speak to elders and they will say that if you have health then you have wealth. One thing is for sure that good health leads to happiness and fulfillment.

So how does one Will good health build a healthy life or how does one go after good health and physique? So if we can start from when we are young the same then will last us till we are old. Let us take up a few habits.

Remove sugar from your diet: Very easily said but most difficult to follow. However when one looks at the report card of sugar, one will think twice before popping that candy into the mouth or putting that extra teaspoon of sugar in your morning cup of tea.

Sugar is dangerous as it makes your blood acidic. Many people do not know but it is true that the body is seventy percent alkaline and thirty percent As virus cannot live in alkaline medium and so the need an acidic medium. Humans love sugars and they come in all forms like meat, poultry, and dairy. In fact, sugar is the king of all acidic foods. Also, extra yeast in the system can cause mental illness. Sugar also speeds up wrinkling and ageing, so if one wants to be wrinkle free just take out sugar from your diet. Sugar intake can lead to osteoporosis and rotting of teeth, so if one does not want broken bones it will good to take care of your diet.

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Take out gluten: If one wants to avoid celiac diseases then just do away with gluten from your diet. One can be susceptible to gluten sensitivity. Gluten causes depression, autism and brain disorders. The main problem with gluten is that it is addictive and so if one gets an attachment to it then it is difficult to unhook it. One can also have a problem with speech and the cerebellum which could lead to mental decline.

Include exercise: This could be added to your diet with no problem at all. Walking, running, jogging, sprint, swimming or even aerobics can build strength and increase stamina. Doing balancing exercises can help one to reduce the habit of falling or breaking a hip bone. Even dancing will help one to be agile and so if one is in the mood there is no harm in shaking a leg. Practice tai chi which means as we age balance becomes a problem


The cheerful attitude in your diet. Now this should be something one has to manage and there is no book in the market that will teach you that. It is important to be cheerful as much as possible. For this one can turn to simple hobbies like playing chess, listening to classical music, taking up cooking just for the fun of it or do some community work which will help others. Take out the word depression from your vocabulary.

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