Permanent Cosmetics Pros and Cons

The use of permanent makeup is an excellent solution for making sure that your face stays beautiful at all times. However, even though this idea might seem appealing to most people, there are those who discourage the use of permanent makeup and consider this procedure to be dangerous. Moreover, you also need to understand that permanent cosmetics require a process called micropigmentation which must only conducted by a trained professional. Therefore, before you decide to get permanent makeup, it is advisable that you learn the advantages and the disadvantages of this cosmetic procedure.

The Pros Of Permanent Cosmetics

1. Permanent Solution For Makeup

Cosmetologist applying permanent make up on eyebrows - eyebrow tattoo
Cosmetologist applying permanent make up on eyebrows – eyebrow tattoo

The first advantage of having permanent makeup is that you do not have to apply makeup all the time or every day. Once the procedure is done, you can carry on with your daily activity without worrying about messing up your makeup. You can shower in the morning, swim and even exercise for long hours and your makeup will still be in place. That is why permanent makeup is convenient for people who have a stressful and busy lifestyle with no time to keep applying makeup. Another group of individuals who might find permanent makeup to be a better alternative are those who are allergic to makeup and mascara.

2. Use As A Solution For Hair Loss

Those who have lost their natural hair because of health challenges such as alopecia can get a permanent makeup known as eyebrow tattoos as a solution for thin or absent eyebrows. Moreover, those who suffer from vitiligo, which is lack of pigmentation in some areas of the skin can also undergo micropigmentation to help camouflage this particular condition.

3. Permanent Makeup Is Convenient

With permanent makeup, you are guaranteed to look good at all times. If you want to enjoy watersports or any other outdoor activity, you do not necessarily have to bring your makeup along. Moreover, permanent makeup is also good for those who face aging challenges such as arthritis of the joints and hands.

The Cons Of Permanent Cosmetics

1. Removal Problems

Permanent makeup is not only easy to apply, but it is also difficult to remove. Despite the fact that trained professionals use laser technology to remove permanent makeup, the process is painful and takes time to heal. However, there are other methods used to remove permanent makeup, but they are quite expensive.

2. Risk of Infection

Micropigmentation is done using needles similar to tattooing equipment, which can transmit infectious diseases from person to the other such as skin infections and hepatitis caused by bacteria known as staphylococcus aureus if not properly sterilized. Moreover, it is also advisable that you avoid getting permanent makeup if you have a skin allergy, to avoid further complications.

3. Fading

Permanent makeup may last for an extended period, but it does not last forever. As time goes by you will realize that your permanent makeup is fading away and the only way you can get it back is by undergoing the cosmetic procedure again.


These are the pros and cons of permanent makeup and by understanding the risks involved in this kind of procedure, you will be able to decide whether it is the best alternative for you or not. Moreover, when considering to get a permanent makeup, it is advisable that you consider the cost since various specialists charge widely varying rates for this particular service.